Friday, February 13, 2009

My opening message. :)


Welcome to this humble blogshop of mine!

Let me do a self-introduction here in this first post.
I discovered scrapbooking last May and I'm totally hooked to it.
I loved to put my creative juices to some use so here I am, making stuff and hoping to sell my creations here!

All the items you see in this blog are handmade with love by me!
Some are personally mine but it is to serve as a sample of what you will get as I will incorporate your personal photos or names etc into the items you purchase.
These items will be listed as Inspiration so you can have the exact same item with your own photos and even personal messages
in them!
The other items are the generic ones, in which you can purchase off the rack so you get exactly what you see!
The price is stated for each photo and if your budget is below the stated price, you can email me at or to quote a price and I can alter the item with fewer embellishments!
You don't have to worry about paying for postage as it is free (only for Singapore addresses)!

Be it a birthday card, the upcoming Valentine's day card, baby shower cards, invitation or wedding cards, I'll gladly come up with designs that you're satisfied with before paying. On top of these, I also do 21st Birthday guestbooks, invitation cards and even goody bags in the same theme. altered items such as boxes to place your gifts or mini albums to keep memories of your loved ones right down to bookmarks to give as memorable thoughtful gifts for your friends!

For custom-made items, feel free to email me for more information on the prices and designs!

Do drop by once in a while to check out my latest creations!
Thank you so much and have a good weekend ahead! :)

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  1. Wow wuling, you're really making something out of your hobby! I'm really happy for you.. I hope everything will fall in place and you'll find it all worthwhile.

    Anywayz, here's a testimonial. I got wuling to help me with a custom card for my best friend. It was probably the most unique card I've seen. It's very original, and my fren liked it a lot. In fact, many of my other friends found it super nice! Kudos~

    In any case, I think anyone who's got eyes can see the fantastic work. So keep going, and I'll drop by from time to time. Hoping to see more nice stuff from u..